Nature Network

Nature Network is a collaboration among organizations dedicated to nurturing a healthy natural environment in the Tri-State metropolitan region. Nature Network inspires ecological citizenship by creating and disseminating knowledge and fostering dialogue on critical environmental issues.

Nature Network will be launched to the public at a two-day Conference on the State of the Tri-State Region's Eco-System in April, 2005, at the City University of New York Graduate Center, 34th and Fifth Avenue, New York. The first day will review what we know and what we need to know about that eco-system, by sub-region and by taxonomic groups. The second day will bring the data into the daily world of land-use planning, business and politics, ending with a program for the Network.

In addition to the State of the Region's Eco-System Conference, a website is being developed and a Biodiversity Atlas planned. It is agreed that the Atlas will be aimed at informing the public of the riches that are here and where to find them as well as biodiversity threats.

The website will function as a directory of Nature Network member organizations and of their principal representatives in the Network, with brief descriptions of their work and accomplishments.

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